Vlees Bay Holiday Accommodation

Vlees Bay Accommodation, Garden Route, South Africa

Vlees Bay village is situated approx. 15 minutes from Mossel Bay, on the N2 towards Cape Town. Uniquely positioned on the water’s edge, with just a frog’s leap between you and the Indian Ocean. You can drop a stone from the balcony into the water, that’s the proximity to the water.

Uninterrupted views of crystal blue water, sparkling surf and pristine white sand stretches on for miles as far as the eye can see. On a full moon night, golden rays of light forms a path from heaven onto your lap and leaves you in awe with the magnitude of heavenly beauty … House not available¬†from 16 December – 16 January.

About the name

The Albatross Beach House is named after the well known Afrikaans author Alba Bower. She was a well known author of Afrikaans literature.

“Albatros” is the traditional Afrikaans spelling of the word and is also known as one of the largest sea gulls around these coasts.

The Albatross Beach House

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